Penguin Fibreglass Pools

SABS approved premoulded fiberglass pools. Strong, durable and cost-effective.

Fibreglass Pools by Penguin Pools East Rand

Penguin Pools East Rand has installed countless fibreglass glass pools for decades.

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Penguin Fibreglass Pools

Premoulded fibreglass pools are by far the quickest to install and most cost-effective option. A fibreglass pool is preformed in a factory to certified SABS standards and transported to the site for installation. Construction time is generally around one week.

Fibreglass pools are strong and durable, and in unstable conditions such as clay, if correctly installed, the fibreglass can stretch without cracking.

Penguin pools fibreglass shells are manufactured using only the best quality materials in accordance to SABS certified standards providing a 5 year factory guarantee. In factory manufacture eliminates additional construction on the premises, and is therefore quick and easy to install.

Fibreglass is a non-porous material, this means that chemicals in your water will last longer leading to lower maintenance costs; fibreglass shells also retain heat longer than other pool surfaces.

The surface is smooth; this reduces the time spent on cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool. The gel-coat finish also adds to a seamlessly clean-cut look and feel. The gel-coat satin finish makes it impossible to scratch or irritate the skin while swimming. It is also very smooth so algae cannot grip onto the sides so lesser chemicals are used, making this a healthier option. The fibreglass pool never has to be drained for acid washing, marbeliting or repainting. Fewer chemicals will be needed because of this factor.


  • Quick and easy to install with the minimum amount of disruption.
  • Impervious finish, algae and bacteria cannot gain a foothold.
  • Requires less chemicals as there is no reaction from the gel-coat.
  • Automatic pool cleaners love our contoured corners.
  • Penguin Pools absorb ground movement, unlike rigid constructions which may crack.
  • No painting or retiling for life, even the mosaic is built in during the manufacture process.
  • Fibreglass is an excellent insulator.
  • Silky smooth, no skin abrasions.
  • Unlike liner pools, dogs’ claws cannot cause damage.
  • Penguin Pools will not fade and always retain their good looks.


  • Plumbed Shell
  • Complete pump and filtration system on steel frame
  • lectrical distribution board with timer switch
  • Pump and filter box
  • Plumbing
  • Hand cleaning maintenance kit
  • Start-up chemical kit
  • Automatic pool cleaner as gift with full and correct payment when ordering


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