Koi Ponds

Koi Ponds

Designing beautiful, highly effective koi ponds to afford you the keeper with high levels of appreciation and success. All koi ponds are designed with the focus on achieving the highest levels of water quality, visibility and ease of maintenance. Settlement chambers, professional large, adjustable bottom drain units, surface water skimmers, Ultra violet clarifiers, ozone units, efficient biodegradable filters etc are all included with the purchase of a standard pond.

Additional Services

  • Maintenance servicing contracts to ensure optimal filtration efficiency, thus good koi health
  • Call out service to repair/service/replace defective pumps, ultra violet globes and more
  • Medical call out service, using microscopic analysis to identify the presence of parasites, testing water for contaminates, and treatments, ulcer treatments etc to ensure koi health
  • Professional koi moving service. Move koi to new premises safely and gently
  • repairing of leaking ponds, cleaning of ponds
  • Selling up of temporary holding facilities to house koi whilst work is done to koi ponds or around them
  • Supplying of koi food and requirements for successful koi pond management

Construction method

Steel reinforced, united shells, plastered and properly sealed, or with a fibreglass sealed option, with coping options. Average depths of 1,800mm is advised.

Koi Pools by Penguin Pools East Rand

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