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Spa Pool Maintenance

Features and Enhancements


  • Gunite Spa
  • Pump-motor/Elect/Housing
  • Pool Hydro suctions/Valves/Pipes
  • Over Flow, Mosaics & Surround

Advantages of a Spa Pool:

  • Small and fits into almost every garden
  • Therapeutic Spa Jets
  • Heated
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Low Chemical costs
  • Advantages of Penguin Pools Fiberglass shell

Penguin Spa Pools

A Spa Pool is a combination of a traditional pre-molded fiberglass swimming pool shell or gunite pool with the luxury of a spa. Strategically placed jets and an extra pump inject streams of high pressure water into the pool which gently massages, detoxifies and relieves stress.

The jets used in the spa pools are imported from Europe and comply to international standards. We offer a variety of models to choose from to suit your family and your lifestyle. Gone are the days of merely having a swim, with a spa pool you will discover a whole new world of relaxation and enjoyment.

Spa pools are easy to maintain and easy to use, they provide you with hydrotherapy, which has added health benefits where water and heat work together to massage and sooth for relaxation.

The composition of our fibreglass pools allows for the minimum effort in maintaining your spa pool. The smooth surface is easy to clean and the quality filtration system makes day-to-day maintenance a breeze. A control button is also added to allow you the option of turning your spa functionality on or off at any stage.

The best thing about a Spa Pool is that it is small and can fit into almost every size garden. It's like an oversized spa with the added extra of swimming fun. You can not go wrong with a Spa Pool as it is not only a pool, it's also healthy!

Health and healing benefits of hydrotherapy:

1. Reduces muscle tension and relieves pain

The weightlessness you feel when under water relieves tension in the limbs, supporting aching muscles and easing the movement as opposed to when on land. Plus, hydrotherapy stimulates the release of endorphins, acting as a natural pain reliever which will further reduce muscle soreness.

2. Rehabilitates injured muscles

Being immersed in warm or hot water raises the body temperature, increasing blood flow around the circulatory system and so alleviating pain. The improved circulation will in turn help to heal injured tissues and rehabilitate damaged muscles or joints.

3. Boosts the immune system

The increased blood flow and circulation of white blood cells around the body allows lymph (an immune system fluid that helps collect and get rid of unwanted materials from the body) to be moved through the body more efficiently and therefore strengthens the immune system, helping to fight colds and illnesses.

4. Relieves stress

Hydrotherapy can help to reduce blood pressure caused by stress. It may also slow down the body's reaction to anxiety and release endorphins - a natural stress fighter.

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