Pool Renovations


A brief guideline on the Renovation of your swimming pool.

As South Africa’s pools age, more and more owners are renovating. This could be to correct the effects of wear and tear by means of a new interior finish, to take advantage of up-to-date techniques such as modern filtration, to improve the surrounds, to upgrade the waterline tiles, add a spa, or to alter the size of the pool.

Whatever the reason, there has never been a better time to renovate a pool. So popular has pool renovation become, there are now specialists in the field. Pool renovation techniques have kept pace with the latest developments in pool technology.

Pool renovation is attracting a number of unqualified people who claim to be able to renovate a pool but may not have the experience or expertise. For any pool renovation it is wise to enlist the services of NSPI members who have a proven track record in renovation work. They can carry out work from removing the old pool and installing a new one, to removing and replacing tiling, removing and replacing the filtration equipment, adding a spa and so on.

Older Concrete Pools

The owner of an existing concrete pool has a number of options to choose from when considering an upgrade. Depending on its condition, such a pool can be restored to its former glory or be made even better than the original, thanks to the modern materials and equipment now available.

One option is to remove the existing interior and either apply a coloured marble plaster which adheres to the concrete walls for a brand new interior finish or do a fibre lining in any colour, or the pool can be tiled.

All these options are provided by Penguin Pools East Rand who will offer advice in helping you make the right choice depending on the condition of your pool and your future requirements. Whichever option you choose, you will end up with a rejuvenated pool and you can look forward to your pool giving you further enjoyment.

Older Fibreglass Pools

Renovations to older fibreglass pools usually apply to the interior finish, waterline tiles, copings and surrounds. Basically, there is no limit to these “cosmetic” changes as long as the structural integrity of the existing shell is still intact, enabling extensive renovation work to be carried out.

Or, alternatively, you may wish to consider purchasing a second hand fibreglass pool. These are normally refurbished with new gelcoat, or similar product, before being re-installed in a new property.



Perhaps the simplest aspect of pool renovation is upgrading the surrounds, or landscaping. It’s amazing how dramatically the personality of a pool can be changed by the addition of new coping, replacement of paving and planting new and attractive non-deciduous plants and shrubs.

Help in this aspect of renovation may be obtained from landscape specialists, nurseries or pool installers. Over the years, pool installers have become very proficient at designing and installing landscaped surrounds to suit any size or shape of pool and garden. 


Modern filtration systems

Old-style filtration systems meant more work for the pool owner, so replacing the system means less work and more time for play. Modern filtration systems can be successfully installed into most types of older pools. Automatic chlorinators, saltwater chlorinators, bromine and other techniques for keeping a pool bacteria-free, were not readily available in years gone by, but can generally be installed into an existing pool. 

When replacing filtration equipment, seek Penguin Pools East Rand’s. For example, care must be taken to ensure the existing circulation system is adequate for new equipment. Many pools will need pipe work and new skimmer outlets, which may need to be added or repositioned so that the new filtration equipment will deliver the increased efficiency you expect. When it comes to selecting the type of new filtration to replace the old, this is where Penguin Pools expert advice is valuable, even essential. There are a variety of types of filtration systems from which to choose, some more suitable to your particular pool than the next. 

Know Your Pool

Many older pools were over-designed structurally and under-designed in plumbing and equipment. This advantage means the structural integrity is likely to still be there, enabling extensive renovation work to be carried out on the existing shell. The more you know about the history of the pool, the better. Old drawings, the original manufacturer’s name and so on all help the renovator when quoting and actually carrying out the work. 

No matter what its condition, any pool can be renovated. It’s just a question of the type of renovation technique preferred. 

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